The Real Estate Marketing System Is Broken

As real estate professionals, we need to face facts.

A majority of real estate agents both new and old just keep doing the same old routine. Is that You?

Whether you have been in the business, are a new agent or even a younger agent without bad habits yet, the pattern has been to keep doing the same worn-out methods and stay on a path of mediocrity, believing this will bring success.

It is TIME for you to fix what is broken & to launch yourself to prosperity by using the dynamic power of new media methods & marketing psychology now available to you!

Do you want to quit holding boring Open Houses?

Are you exasperated with “online presence” and social media scams?

Do you feel like it’s too late for you to get your social media fired up?

Are you fed up with prospects calling about houses they saw online that were sold last year?

Do you want to yell at clients who forgot about you?

Jeanette JOY Fisher, REALTOR®, Design Psychology Author, Speaker, Teacher

Hello, my name is Jeanette JOY Fisher.

It seems like I have been in Real Estate forever (since 1974) and have seen many many changes.  In today’s market it is more challenging to get and keep clients than ever before. However, I have found the solution for you to enjoy today’s  real estate success in obtaining and retaining clients, and becoming the known expert in your area.

A bit about me:  In 2007 I started tweeting my life away, as my children complained. Twitter helped me with grief after a daughter and my husband died. Little did I know at the time that my Twitter activity would create a new marketing awareness in me and give me a huge social media presence advantage. Combining Twitter and my Design Psychology methods I taught to interior designers changed my business in more amazing ways than I could have imagined.

Did you know, most social media agencies get publicity all backwards?

Perhaps you’ve been approached by a “Social Media Marketing Agency” promising you to set up your online social media accounts and manage them for $300 to $3,000 a month. Most of these social media businesses don’t have large followings and therefore have no influence to publicize you.

The problem is, social media accounts need over 100,000 real followers, not fake purchased followers to make an impact. You need Influencers to Retweet (share) your tweets to make a significant difference. Can you imagine what an impact your little Twitter account could make if you had ME sharing your tweets to over 200,000 followers? Not all followers see ALL my tweets, but more importantly, Google does!

A smart internet marketer doesn’t begin advertising with Social Media. Before your social media accounts can be effective, you need great content to attract and keep your hard-earned clients. You need marketing content all over the internet pointing to your main AWESOME website. Why not have the BEST practice and broadcast content pointing to your main website? Then, IGNITE your abundant content with Twitter and Facebook and have those tweets and posts spread like wildfire directing traffic and Google to YOU!

How Agent Media Marketing FIXES your real estate marketing problems with publicity:

1. We get your name out there with CONTENT MARKETING!
Content marketing involves the creation and sharing of valuable, relevant, and consistent information through posts, videos, blogs, and interviews intended to stimulate interest in your real estate services. For example, an article in Joy to the Home Journal might feature your local community fireworks show and parade. We create online solutions so your clients say, “I see you everywhere talking about our town.”

Having great content is not enough. You Must Broadcast it! 
We ARE the influence and have the social network to publicize you.

3. We have a CLIENT RETENTION PLAN–including something so incredible that your clients will only think about YOU as their real estate agent.
We are the only real estate agent marketing/publicity company with the Design Psychology Edge.

Ignite Your Online Presence with Positive Publicity for Prosperity

Our Mission at Agent Media Marketing is to love real estate agents, protect them through brand and reputation management, make their life easier and prosperous in the new age of marketing.

We create marketing publicity sizzle for your profits and peace of mind.
Contact us at 951-775-2252 to secure your EXCLUSIVE Zip code.

HOW Agent Media Marketing Is Your SOLUTION to Publicity Problems

We offer three connected services designed to build your client base, protect you from disgruntled or malicious online attacks, and keep your sellers and buyers engaged with you. If we help you avoid social media and online publicity mistakes, and shorten your time to more profits, wouldn’t that make your life easier?

We create effective Content Marketing Systems for you to improve your Search Engine Marketing SEM (formerly SEO) and increase your online PLATFORM dominance. Your platform is the substance sellers and buyers respect.

Your Content = Platform

We help you get your Social Media Marketing under control. We’ll simplify your life and free up more time to do what you love. We ignite your content with Social Media Fuel. In other words, you decide to tweet or not to tweet. We broadcast your content links with our Twitter accounts. We help you grow your online PRESENCE.
Your Platform & Presence = Publicity

Your clients will love our gorgeous JOY TO THE HOME JOURNAL with the DESIGN PSYCHOLOGY EDGE. Our enchanting photos, marketing psychology articles, and captivating writing encourage your readers to open your email. Advertisement and spam free, JOY TO THE HOME JOURNAL entices readers with intriguing headlines without turning them off with broken articles contaminated with slimy ads. You add your community news and properties to the worldwide online & PRINT magazine. Your clients and prospective clients will see you EXCLUSIVELY because YOU will be the only agent in your Zip code market!  BE that ONE AGENT that represents your area!
Your Platform & Presence & Publicity = Profits

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Be the EXCLUSIVE ONE in your ZIP Code to:

  • Retain Clients
  • Confirm Social Proof
  • Build brand identity
  • Establish Reputation Management
  • End Marketing Overwhelm
  • Attract & Keep Clients Engaged

Your Platform & Presence & Publicity & Profits = Prosperity

Marketing Psychology
We focus on cross platform design and marketing psychology to ensure a seamless client experience.

We Know Real Estate. We Know Marketing. We know Psychology.
We simplify your business so you can sell real estate. Leave the publicity driving to us.

Ready or not, you need our help. We limit our services to ONE agent per Zip code. WHY?  YOU deserve to be Exclusive and to make a Difference!  As an example, when I advertised on the largest real estate site, they also sold my Zip code to 17 other agents when my area only had 56 houses for sale in February, 2017. Only ten sales a month for 18 agents!

RESERVE Your Zip code and Join the Marketing Revolution!

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Together, we’ll create the perfect Media Marketing Plan for YOU!

Let me bring Joy to your life!
Love,  JOY!